About Us

Nobody does t-slotted aluminum extrusion the way Parco, Inc. does it. After all, Parco employees have more than 50 years of experience, combined, in fabricating it and putting it to work in uniquely designed and engineered product applications. You’ll find Parco’s innovative t-slotted aluminum extrusion products used by all kinds of customers in all kinds of industries.

For a clearer understanding of what we do and how we do it, please take a look at …

  • Who We Are – an overview of our company, our products, and how we operate
    Distributor Opportunities with Parco, Inc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions answered – what people most want to know about us, about t-slotted aluminum extrusion, and about our process of designing, fabricating, assembling, and delivering innovative, effective t-slot solutions for our customers
  • Videos – showing our products and processes
  • Training Videos – showing how to use our products
  • Downloads – your source of specific Parco product data, conveniently accessible and printable online

Check back with us often, because we’ll be updating many of these online materials frequently.

Have a question? Need a quote? Want to order? Please contact Parco, Inc. You can also reach us at 800-817-0617 or at sales@parco-inc.com.