Parco Inc’s Application of the Month: The All-In-One Custom Gauge Cart

A recent customer of ours had a need for an all-in-one custom gauge cart to hold tools and parts at a workstation. Here is what our designers came up with:

* This All-In-One Gauge Cart holds all of the supplies needed for a workcell.
* The bottom shelving is designed for easy access to tooling with an angled center shelf.
* 4” locking casters allow for ease of movement when you want it and stability when you don’t.
* .5” UHMW worksurface will resist any scratching of product.
* Drawer shelving allows for easy hand tool management on cart.
* Designed to increase productivity and efficiency in an industrial work environment.

custom gauge cart workcell worksurface t-slotted aluminum extrusion solution

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If you can imagine it, we can make it.

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