Custom T-Slot Aluminum Solutions for All of Your Building Needs – the Way YOU Want!


By its very nature, t-slotted aluminum’s modularity supports both green and lean manufacturing processes. As needs change, our workplace solutions can quickly and easily be reconfigured to serve new purposes in your facility. The following are a few custom t-slotted aluminum ideas and how to use our products:

These solutions are made with products that are 100% interchangeable with 80/20’s aluminum extrusion, Bosch’s aluminum structural framing strut, and Item’s t- slotted extrusions, matching any products you may already have in your facility.  All you need to do is specify which one meets your needs.

We offer product solutions for many applications in the medical, automotive, and manufacturing industries – solutions that increase productivity, product workflow, and the safety of your valued employees.  From start to finish, we can provide you with a full-service experience.  Our design department can assist you through the idea stage of your project and will send you a quote along with a CAD drawing to review.

Being a full-service manufacturer, we can send you raw materials (Parts and Extrusion):

  • with no machining
  • in kit form, machined to your specifications and ready for you to assemble
  • or fully assembled by us for you.

We also have our own line of t-slotted aluminum extrusion that allows for the modularity, flexibility, and strength that industry needs today.