The manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries turn to us for OSHA- and ANSI-compliant crossovers. To build our crossover framing, we use t-slotted technology because of its strength, durability, aesthetically pleasing finish, and modularity. Our crossovers also feature GRIP STRUT stair treads with diamond-shaped openings and serrated teeth, which provide a safe, slip-resistant surface.

  • Ladder
  • Step
  • Crossover
  • -Way Crossover
Tread Material
  • Galvanized GRIP STRUT with Diamond Shaped openings
  • Perforated GRIP STRUT
  • Custom sizes are standard without any extra cost or lead-time.
Packaging Options
  • Kit Form – comes completely cut and machined to your specifications with a tag drawing to help guide your assembly
  • Pre-Assembled – shipped in sections (if the unit is too big to ship fully assembled); can be easily erected at your facility
  • Assembled – shipped completely assembled

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